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SOS Music (side_or_slide)

Founded in 2018, The Place Where I Show My Music Skills & Knowledge


On the side_or_slide YouTube Chanel, you can find amazing high-quality music🎧
We make psytrance and progressive music 🎚️
With every upload, we continue doing our best to improve and grow our community ✨
Also, we try to make the experience as simple as possible😌
We want to create a world of peace, love, and joy ❤️
So be ready for the best adventure of your life 🤩

Purpose And Dedication

SOS (side_or_slide) aims to create trance remixes of popular music tracks.
Since its creation on February 8, 2018, SOS has gained a significant following on social media,
with over 300+ followers.
The music produced by SOS has received over 100K+ views and 30K likes on YouTube alone, with an enormous success being the remix of the song "Дикая львица -(side_or_slide)-Remix 🎶🔥," which has gained over 80K+ views.


SOS Show

2018 - 2021

SOS Show

SOS started during the covid-19 outbreak and became a subscriber favorite.
The Show stood out because of its editing style and music quality.

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"Music Is An Art"

IMS - Network

Co-Founder & CTO

Number #1* Gaming Community In Israel


We are IMS - Network. 👋
The Most Advanced Gaming Community In Israel 🌐
We are a group of people who invest time improving our servers and the Israeli gaming community. ✌️
We build, develop, and maintain an advanced gaming community.😇
All of our team does it willingly.
Our goal is to cover as many games as possible and ensure the best quality and safety. 🤩
The only gaming community in Israel that puts privacy and safety first. 🔐

My Role


As of January 2023, I have been promoted to Chief Technology Officer at IMS - Network, Israel's most advanced gaming community.
In this role, I will oversee the development of our game servers and infrastructure, ensuring our community has the best gaming experience possible.

I have a strong understanding of our server network and have led development teams for the past year.
I am dedicated to innovating and improving our technology and making IMS - Network the top choice for gamers who value security and privacy.

Lead DevOps

As the lead DevOps Engineer at IMS - Network, my primary responsibilities include managing the daily operations and ensuring all policies and deadlines are met. I am heavily involved in developing, constructing, and maintaining our game servers, and I work to establish partnerships and contracts with developers and companies to help us achieve our goals. Thanks to my efforts, we have secured top-quality enterprise services and made significant progress in our journey.

Some Statistics

Updated 28/03/2023

At IMS, we lead the gaming industry by operating and maintaining our server network.
As the only gaming organization in Israel with our infrastructure, I am committed to ensuring everything runs smoothly.
Our community is the fourth largest in Israel, with over 700,000 monthly visitors (15M in 2022).



These servers ensure that our community has a stable and reliable gaming experience
With a strong server network, we can accommodate a large number of players and host a variety of game modes and servers
Our advanced servers also allow us to update and improve the experience for our community continually


Open Source Projects

IMS-Network is dedicated to being an active member of the open-source community, and we are proud to have 90+ open-source projects that we maintain as a community

Player Satisfaction


Server Up Time




Project Alfine

A game management platform for huge communitys 

Alfine is a management platform for gaming communities that need to handle a lot of players and multiple servers. The platform allows community managers and server developers to sync updates and data between different games. It is compatible with over 600 games and works on any Windows PC (7 - 11).

Alfine manages all the necessary files and automatically updates them on player computers. It also includes a customizable game launcher that allows players to easily switch between games. Built on Assembly and GO, Alfine uses special models to adapt the code to the game being run. When a player chooses a game, Alfine will launch it and connect it directly to the specified server.

The unique problem that Alfine solves is common among large gaming communities that have to manage multiple servers. It can be difficult for end users to stay up to date with multiple games and servers, as each game has its own installation guide and servers may need to be updated with changed IPs. Alfine simplifies this process by putting all the necessary resources in one place and automatically updating user files through its smart update server.

Alifne was developed in collaboration with multiple organizations and developers. It can support any game, including those not available on large stores like Steam. After receiving Alifne, it can be distributed to players who can download and install it on their computers. To play on a server, they simply activate the application and enter the specified server.

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Andrada City

GTA Multiplayer Server

Andrada City Is a game server built with the FiveM framework which allows server-side support with the Lua programming language.

Currently, The Project is in Beta

Google Maps

Local Guides Contributor

Local Guides is a global community of explorers who write reviews, share photos, answer questions, add or edit places and check facts on Google Maps.
Millions of people rely on contributions like yours to decide where to go and what to do.

Me In Google Local Guides? 
As a Local Guide, I am part of a global community of explorers who share their experiences and knowledge on Google Maps.
My contributions, including over 10,000+ photos and 300+ reviews, have helped millions of people discover new places and make informed decisions about their travels.
I am proud to be a part of this community and to make a positive impact on the world through my contributions.
In addition, I am the top-voted Local Guide in Israel, a testament to the value of my contributions to the community.



My Photos On Google Maps Received Over 4M+ Views


My Google Maps Profile Has 63,524 Points

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