David's Place

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I'm David Furman, welcome to my personal website. My career is a mix of roles that keep me going 24/7.

By day, I'm at the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), and everything else is classified :)

When the evening falls, I don a different hat as the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at AiDock Ltd.
Here, my mission is to safeguard digital assets and ensure top-notch cybersecurity.

By night, I proudly wear the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) hat at IMS - Network,
the most advanced gaming community in Israel.
It's the perfect blend of my tech and gaming passions,
as I lead a team dedicated to creating an exceptional gaming experience.

And during my precious free time,
I contribute to open source projects and work on my own brand "DF"

My passion for technology and gaming remains my driving force.

My journey is a testament to my unyielding commitment to both fields,
and I'm always ready to embrace the next challenge, no matter the hour.

What I Do?



ZTNA Security


OSS Projects

Community Management 

Beta Testing


Cloud Architecture

What Is DF?


Is a shortcut for my name, David Furman.

My name's David Furman, but some people call me thefourCraft.
I've been using this stage name since 2008, and I must say, it's grown on me.
So, whether you call me David or thefourCraft, know I'm the man to see for all your DevOps needs.